Wednesday, August 21, 2013

White Nails

Normally I don't stray from basic black if I'm feeling the nail polish, which is sort of a Once In A Blue Moon phenomenon as it is. I like to say Live and Let Live, but guys in colored nail polish (and god forbid multiple colors at the same time) has never really sat right with me; I guess I'm just a traditionalist. I like to stick to my classic punk-rocker wannabe black, thank you very much.

Buuuuuut since white polish has been popping up everywhere as the hot color of 2013, I decided WTF, let's give it a try, and you know what? I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

I tracked down a bottle of Chanel 459 White Satin, which I prefer as it doesn't feature as much shine as other colors such as Pearl Drop and Attraction. Chanel no longer carries White Satin online, but check out the rest of the collection and see below for some great alternative picks!

Ecume, $19

Because it's funny.


Photos courtesy of NARS, Sephora, and CHANEL

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