Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Balenciaga Men's Spring 2014

Since Alexander Wang premiered his first collection for Balenciaga back in Paris Fashion Week this spring, I've been waiting eagerly to see what he offered up for his first men's collection, and he certainly delivered.
Verdict? Perfectly modern, as though Star Wars and Barney's had an incredibly chic baby.
 The safety pin closure is a nice punkish touch on an otherwise very elegant jacket. It would be appropriate to wear when receiving your medal for heroism from Princess Leia.
 Can somebody say texture? I've been ogling that overcoat all day...need it in my life, you know, for when I'm battling the dark side with my lightsaber.
The tonal effect here is incredible, not too much but just enough. I would wear this at that weird jazz club on Tatooine. You know, if I ever decide to go. I heard their tequila selection is pretty limited.

Head over to to see the rest of the collection.


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