Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Inaguration


With all the ugliness in the world I think we all could use a bit of an escape, a way to remember the beauty that our earth has to offer. And I'm here to provide you with that, so consider this blog your new percoset. But besides making you look and say 'ooh', 'ah' or just 'dayum', I'm also here to give you the background information, the substance that makes up the stylish, if you will. You'll leave here feeling luxuriant, educated, and elevated, with a better sense of style and taste than when you first arrived, and hopefully you'll get some laughs along the way.

Now, kick up your feet and pour yourself a glass of wine (or just drink straight from the bottle) because it's time to relax and enjoy yourself a bit while I try and do what that wine is hopefully doing: making you feel better about life.



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