Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Band of Outsiders Men's Spring 2014

Alright, normally their clothes aren't quite what draws my attention-I'm more of a Balmain, Balenciaga, Ann Demeulemeester boy, but for Spring 2014 Band of Outsiders pulled out some pretty good stops, enough so to make me brake for squirrels, or whatever. Maybe it was just the casting of Devendra Banhart as their mannequin-which was GENIUS-but either way I was definitely thrown by the great casual mix of elegant and beachy.
It made me want to be a skater in LA in the 90s, which is something I would NEVER way to go BOO.

That moment after a homeless guy flashes you and you realize it isn't his junk he's showing you but actually his awesome seafoam chinos.

White with a black collar? Tres chic. Although that circle window makes it look like he's on a cruise.

Now wave goodbye to your friends as you board said cruise, in an amazing camel jacket. But seriously don't go on a cruise; they're creepy. Have you seen Ghost Ship?

I love it when men wear a topcoat. You can't beat it. Just wear it like you're Kate Moss and it's a fabulous Fendi fur.


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