Monday, October 14, 2013


You may or may not know this about me but I have something of an affinity for the Dutch. I don't know if it's because I had a dutch au pair growing up or because there's something about wooden shoes that just gets to me or because they were one of the first countries to have legal weed and gay marriage, but either way I'm super down to go frolic with windmills in fields of tulips.

Another great thing the Netherlands gave us? DJ Bakermat. I heard his song Uitzicht for the first time this weekend at a rooftop bar (conveniently located on top of my apartment building) and I haven't been able to stop listening since. I KNOW it's a funny word and I KNOW that this song came out like three months ago but I DON'T CARE because it is AMAZING and you need to listen to it right now and dance out your feelings in some fancy wooden clogs.

Are you dancing yet?


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