Monday, October 21, 2013

Manboobs and Crotch Shot with Kanye West

Kanye opened his Yeezus tour in Seattle last night, and frankly I couldn't care less, BUT he did get my attention when he managed to grab his crotch so firmly that he in fact ripped his pants:
Take as long as you need to let that get firmly stuck in your brain. In the meantime there are a few other things I need to point out to you, dear reader, such as:
1. That epic gorilla titty manboob flapping in the wind.
2. Stomach rolls (seriously, dude, put on a fucking undershirt. No one, not even Kim, wants to see that.)
3. Am I crazy or does it look like he has the smallest feet in the world? Like I don't exactly have canoes for feet but DAMN.

I'm going to ignore the Margiela mask because that is FASHION and because something else very important happened: Kanye communed with Jesus Christ last night.
I can only imagine what they talked about, but I hope Jesus told Kanye what he's been meaning to tell the Christian Right for a long time: shut the fuck up.
Thank you for being such a dickhead, Kanye, and I hope the Jesus-actor felt really bad about himself after this.

And here to cleanse the palate is Martha Stewart dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch/A Pink Dementor. 
Do you feel better? No? Whatever, not my problem.


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  1. gorilla boob flapping in the wind! I die.