Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday/Funday with Young Karl Lagerfeld

Le sigh. It's Sunday night. The cat's being an asshole, the fire alarm is going off across the street at the Neptune Hotel, I only have one alcoholic cider left, and I ate an extra serving of cheese which I now regret. C'est la vie. Until Mars enters my rising sign of Virgo this week on the 15th I'm allowed to be low energy. Maybe that's what is going on with the government shutdown. Maybe the senate is collectively a Virgo, too.

In the spirit of that-and my hangover from last night which will just not give up-please enjoy these pictures of a young Karl Lagerfeld and remember the days when he and Yves Saint Laurent were in the bitchiest feud ever.

 Here he is telling the model to lose five pounds.

 Working on his fitness.

Having a Baywatch/Sports Illustrated moment. 

 This is a thing.

 Who knew he was such a bear?

From his Mr. Universe audition tape.

I really can't form an opinion on this.

 Channeling his inner Dali, or something.

Right before going on stage at the opening performance of the Mikado.

And then there was this super awkward 90s phase...

What a fabulous queen. We salute you, Kaiser Karl.


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